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11 Subscription Boxes To Know About

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Subscription boxes are a wonderful gift for yourself. Knowing that once a month, or however frequent you'd like, you get a curated box of products, supplies, items, or even activities that YOU actually like, is so exciting. It's like every month is your birthday! My favorite thing about these boxes is that most of the time the items within are all based on your personality. They give you the luxury of checking out new treats, gadgets, products, or services you may have never tried. Depending on what interests you or someone in your family, I've found a few boxes that will bring joy to each and every one of them.

1. Pottery Awesomeness

This is such a fun and cute idea! These themed subscription boxes come with everything the kids will need to create their own masterpiece. All boxes have 3 pottery pieces, paint, brushes, a sealer, and an instruction card. Just scan the QR code for painting tutorials! Pottery Awesomeness even donates a painting kit to sick kids in hospitals for every kit purchased. Little projects like these are a great way to get the whole family involved.

SUBSCRIBE NOW: Starting at $30 / kit

2. Wild Salmon Box from Vital Choice

Wild fresh salmon can be delivered to your door every month with this box from Vital Choice. Each box comes with recipe-ready portions of wild Alaskan salmon. They only work with healthy, well-managed fisheries that demonstrate high standards of quality and sustainability. Every order comes with 10-14 servings which is the perfect amount until next month's box is delivered.

3. Ashley Gold Men's and Women's Subscription Jewelry

This is a must-have for jewelry lovers. Sometimes I never know what to buy, what will match and that’s where Ashley Gold comes in. Both men and women are able to find the latest jewelry and accessory trends in the subscription boxes from Ashley Gold. Each box features two pieces, such as a bracelet, necklace or earrings, and comes in a variety of colors and metals such as gold, silver, and rose gold. These pieces never tarnish and are water-resistant.

4. Dear Crate - Gourmet Tea

Surprise someone, or honestly treat yourself, with a box of high-quality tea and tasty cookies. Each month, Dear Crate sends a new gourmet subscription gift box filled with new flavors of tea and cookies as well as an encouraging greeting card. There is even an option to add a personal note and photo. Stay connected with friends and family and join the Dear Crate family.

SUBSCRIBE NOW: $29 (including shipping)

5. Owl Crate Jr. Book Subscription

Make reading time fun for young readers with the OwlCrate Jr. book subscription box. This is geared towards kids between the ages of 8 -12, and I love that it's more than just a book! Each box is a whole themed experience that has 4-6 goodies, a hardcover book, an exclusive letter from the author, and more! All books are a standalone story or the first in a new series. Time to encourage creativity and innovation! Maybe your kid will turn into a bookworm.

6. Driftaway Coffee

Experience coffee from around the world with Driftaway Coffee. The first month all coffee lovers start out with an Explorer kit that has 5 distinct coffee profiles. Then, unlike other subscription services, Driftaway Coffee sends you coffee, based on your taste profile. Every month the coffees change so you'll never get the same coffee twice! Driftaway goes above and beyond by adding a coffee postcard in all boxes sharing the story of the farmer that grew the coffee you have received.

7. eat2explore Monthly Subscription Box

Learn to cook authentic meals from 18 different countries and regions in your very own kitchen. Each kit includes easy recipes, shopping lists, activities, and the hard to find spices, sauces, and beans that make each meal unique. Cooking can be fun with the whole family and maybe you'll even learn a thing or two about the origin of the dishes. Every month is a new adventure!

8. Tea Runners

There is a whole world of loose leaf tea waiting for you to try! Every month, Tea Runners sends customers a selection of four top-quality loose leaf teas, along with tips for brewing them. There are 4 types of boxes to choose from; Original, Pure Tea, All Black Tea, and Herbal. Each box makes about 30-50 cups of tea, so there is plenty to share. Whether you are a tea lover or expanding your pallet, this subscription is a wonderful way to experience a variety of teas.

9. Flower Subscription by FlowerFix

It's amazing how your mood can change when you see flowers. So, let's brighten up the room with fresh flowers. With FlowerFix, whether it's an arrangement, roses, DIY Flower Box, or wreath subscription, a beautiful array of flowers can be delivered right to your door whenever you'd like. You can choose between a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription. So, no matter the time of the year, or what your schedule looks like, your home or office will feature a beautiful hand-designed flower display.

SUBSCRIBE NOW: Starting at $69.99 per delivery - you choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

10. Hemper

Get the finest smoking accessories and supplies for just $39.99 a month with Hemper. With Hemp and CBD becoming more socially acceptable, this is a great box for someone who loves to smoke. Their expert team is dedicated to searching out the newest innovations in smoke, tech, and smoking supplies so you don't have to. Depending on someone's lifestyle, customers have the option to choose the frequency of deliveries. Each box comes with 10+ items of core monthly essentials, a few surprises, and even a new glass piece. "Addon" options available.

SUBSCRIBE NOW: $39.99 / month

11. Movement in a Box

Inspire children to get up, move for life and put down the electronics. Perfect for kids aged 3-6, this quarterly kids subscription box helps kids learn shapes, colors, letters, and numbers alongside fundamental movement skills like jumping, galloping, throwing, and catching. Truly a fun way to learn while being active! Movement in a Box was created by a two-time US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Silver Medalist and her friend: a strength, conditioning coach.

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