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13 Snacks The Whole Family Will Love

Snack time is the best time! Food is awesome, delicious and brings people together. We're always snacking while on the go, watching tv or just catching up. They are fun to make, eat and it's a great way to expand your pallet. Whether you're trying to stay healthy or indulge, here are some of my favorites that the whole family would love!

Granola is such a great snack and I love that we can eat this one right out of the bag! The Warrior Mix line from Bee Free is an almond-based, honey-sweetened, soft, and chewy snack. You can pair it with yogurt, throw it in a bowl with milk or even have it with a spoonful of butter! This snack is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and is plant-based. The entire line is all about embracing your inner warrior and offers opportunities for people with autism.

You'll never feel guilty when having a protein cookie. Sugar Naked Cookies are a great treat for anyone who loves sweets but also trying to eat healthy. With only 210 calories, 10g of grass-fed whey protein, and only 1-5g of sugar you won't have to worry about your waistline. It's a great on the go snack. There are three flavors: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Sugar Cookie. These cookies are also gluten-free!

Oh, how I love a snack gift box!! The Southern Snack Attack Gift Box is obviously great for yourself but is great for anyone in the house. Each box is filled with Southern Cheese Straws, Cinnamon Sugar Pecans, Kettle Corn, Honey Straws, and Georgia Peanuts. Can't wait to check out all the other gift boxes they have!

Add these sweet treat replacements to your daily snack routine! Mary's Gone Crackers are a graham-style snack that's plant-based and gluten-free. The three flavors, Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Honey, were each inspired by a childhood treat and dessert ingredient.

Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean pancakes and waffles aren't allowed. The Pancake & Waffle Mix from TrueEats is rich in both protein and fiber, providing energy that will last all morning long. These thick and fluffy pancakes or waffles are made with all-natural sugar replacements and high-quality gluten-free flours. Best is, they taste incredible!

BUY NOW: $9.95

Staying hydrated today with ShineWater! Each bottle contains 100% of the daily recommended vitamin D. The physicians who created this came up with seven vibrant flavors that actually give you nutrition without added sugar or artificial ingredients. I can't get enough of the Strawberry Lemon one!

What a tasty protein snack founded by a student-led team! MNML Air Dried Beef is a superfood snack that's made from only four ingredients: whole muscle beef, shiitake mushroom extract, red wine vinegar, and salt. There are no carbs, sugar or preservatives and each bag is under 200 calories. Trust me, this snack is very filling!

Let's get baking! Thin crispy cookies just hit different, and I finally found a mix that makes pastry chef quality right at home! The Cookie Chips Baking Mix is very easy to follow and only needs 7 ingredients. There are no junky ingredients, no GMOs, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors. Cookie Chips even has a video up that shows you the entire process step by step. Plus, this was created by a pastry chef with 25 years of experience. So, embrace the process which only takes 15 minutes!

Instead of a gelatin cup, grab a Zelle Organic Fruit Jel Pouch. This superfood fruit pouch is an organic plant-based snack with no added sugar, artificial flavors, dyes, and animal gelatin. With its twist cap, this 3.5oz re-sealable squeeze pouch is a delicious on-the-go way to eat your fruit. Through their partnership with Feeding America, Zellee also donates thousands of pouches to food banks all across the country.

BUY NOW: $13.79 for a package of 6

Love traditional Latin food? I do! FILLO's Americas Made has made it easily accessible with their shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals! All Sofrito Beans and Meal pouches are ready to eat after only being in the microwave for 60 seconds... Wow! These vegan pouches are made of non-GMO beans and grains flavored with real sofrito. The question is, which one do you eat first?

For over 100 years, Tastykake has been a staple in homes across the country. Their Pecan Swirls are one the best treats they've made. It has the perfect amount of cinnamon and pecans, definitely not too overpowering. Whether it's for breakfast, a snack or even a dessert, the Pecan Swirls are the way to go. Their my favorite!

How could I not add another one of my favorite Tastykake snacks?! I'm obsessed with donuts, especially when they are bite-sized. Their Mini Donuts have three different coatings: Powdered Sugar, Chocolate Frosted, & Crunch. All of them get 5 stars in my book.

BUY NOW: $1.89

I bet you're not drinking water with a 10pH. Unlike most bottled water including other Alkaline waters, TEN® Alkaline Spring Water is filled with an abundance of electrolytes and is sourced and bottled right from natural springs at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. There are .5 liter six-packs, 1-liter bottles, 1.5-liter bottles, 1-gallon jugs, and 12-ounce sustainable aluminum cans available. Water like it should taste!

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