Promoting your products and services can be exhausting and finding staff to assist you is a job of its own. Brand Ambassador Select provides avenues for your products to be recognized. Whether you wish to promote in targeted cities or cover broad areas, our staff are available throughout the country. Our staff have been vetted and will be trained on your products to portray your style of promotions.

Brand Ambassador Select will:

  • Highlight your products through social media, education, onsite promotion and product sales.

  • Provide the proper staff to fit your product.

  • Represent your products through community, corporate and private events, as well as in-store product sampling.



Our ambassadors represent your brand in a positive engaging light. They possess the outgoing personalities and professional demeanor needed to increase awareness and sales. Our brand ambassadors are trustworthy and frinedly with that sparkle that builds long term relationships.

  • Build and grow meaningful relationships with consumers

  • Generate buzz and build brand loyalty 

  • Build rapport with customers, retailers and distributors about a brand or product

  • Monitor customer feedback and initiate more product awareness



Brand Ambassador Select will assist in creating topic-centric events that draw attention. We help to provide promotions, raffles, activities, music and more. We incorporate local resources such as restaurants, stores, markets, outdoor activities and products for sale to support local businesses.

Brand Ambassador Select assists in:

  • Providing expos ranging from 15 to 30+ stations base on your available space.

  • Customized promotions in paper and electronic.

  • Creating a floor plan based on your avaialble resources.

  • Securing staff to assist the day of your event.



Our promo models are brand ambassadors who help drive consumer awareness and sales. They are the top tier personalities who get up close interacting with consumers to inspire them about the brands, services and products that are new to the market.

  • Recognized brand specialists who stand out in the crowd.

  • Polished and well versed creating a great overall  experience to attendees

  • Educated and informative inspiring people to take action

Brand Ambassador Select | Bound Brook, NJ 

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