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Our polished and well versed ambassadors continue to represent many brands and companies at the retail, corporate and community levels. Their outgoing personalities and professional demeanors always spark interest in the brand they represent helping drive consumer awareness and sales.


Ask how our ambassadors can help engage consumers about your product or small business. 


We're not only ambassadors, we're consumers too.  Offering written and video reviews along with unboxings our team gives decisive insight into every product we review. We love taking the time to test and sample products. Many times we become their best customers. Our content is designed to show all the benefits of your product or why people should meet your business.

Contact us for your product or small business review.

Work With Us

Our Team is dedicated to help drive awareness and sales of your product to new customers. Our trusted voice and creative content demonstrates the product benefits and influences new connections and sales. 

Event Staffing

Promoting your products and services can be exhausting and finding staff to assist you is a job of its own. Brand Ambassador Select provides avenues for your products to be recognized. Whether you wish to promote in targeted cities or cover broad areas, our staff are available throughout the country. Our staff have been vetted and will be trained on your products to portray your style of promotions.


Our team creates topic-centric pop-up events in malls, communities, lobbies and for corporate America. We bring together local vendors, small businesses, national brands and activities so they can meet  face to face with their targeted audiences.

Need a little help with connecting to consumers or planning your own event Our small online and in person workshops offer real life insight. Ask about our Storytelling, Event and Product Promotion workshops.

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