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Brand Ambassador Select Podcast
We Showcase Products and Small Businesses 
Meet guests who share tips for success
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Our Host Lenore 

 Our podcast is hosted by Lenore, a radio personality from a #1 Hit Music Morning Show and voice heard on the top Country station in New Jersey. Her voice is heard on countless radio advertisements too.

 The podcast is our media platform products and small businesses have fun being on as it is the evergreen alternative to reach and stay connected with their customers and prospects: Putting a face to the brand.

Why Be a Guest on the Brand Ambassador Select Podcast?

     * The podcast is seen and heard across all platforms including YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, and more.

      * Our podcast host is a radio personality from a #1-morning show in New Jersey.

      * We promote the podcast episode across all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

      * Each episode is a permanent link on our website.

      * Podcast clip(1-2 minutes)  Shared on all social platforms highlights a major interview point. More evergreen.

      * We share the podcast episode to magazines and sites related to your topic, along with our email list.


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