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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts That Will Absolutely Surprise Her!

Now, this is super cool! Have you ever heard mom say she wanted a Bidet but thought she couldn’t afford one? If so, check out the Brondell Swash EcoSeat S101 Non-Electric Bidet Seat. It has everything a traditional bidet seat has just without the electronic requirements. There is a hygienic dual nozzle for front and rear washes. I love that the nozzles self-clean when switching between modes and it’s powered by water pressure! The Swash EcoSeat S101 is easy to install and has an elongated and round option to0.

A sweaty face doesn’t look good on anyone. So help mom stay dry with the Carpe Sweat Absorbing Face Lotion. This sweat absorbing and preventing primer is a unique mixture of sweat and oil-absorbing molecules, which, when combined result in a dry look and feel. Mom can apply it after washing her face, before any other products or makeup. This is great for all moms and you too! So, whether mom works out, is always on the go, or is just sweaty from a hot summer day, the Carpe Sweat Absorbing Face Lotion is a must.

NFT’s are on the rise these days so how awesome would it be to give your mom an avatar design of herself? Covatar can do it all and offers unique personalized graphic design products and gifts. Their team is filled with extremely talented digital designers, artists, illustrators & art directors so you’ll definitely get a one-of-a-kind piece. Every design is hand-drawn making mom's avatar extra special. These avatars can come in a digital download, a framed poster, dining napkins, placemats, pillows, clocks, bathmats and so much more. Great gift!

As we get older and mom's do too, reading glasses are inevitable so why not have her wear the coolest stylish glasses around. Gaoye has the best selection at a price everyone can afford. The best part is that they stretch to fit a variety of face shapes comfortably and without feeling tight.

It’s so convenient to have a Couch Arm Table when there isn’t enough room for a side table next to mom's couch. This one from Greystone Avenue is crafted by hand and made with an anti-slip silicone surface. Imagine mom sitting in style and never worrying about her favorite drink tipping over. It can even hold her laptop or tablet and can grip onto both rounded and squared surfaces.

This Mommy and Me set is super cute! The Taupe Leopard Short Sleeve Matching Rompers

are great because they can be worn as PJs or even a swimsuit cover-up. Sydney So Sweet, a girls boutique shop, specializes in clothing and accessories for little girls and moms too. They offer plenty of style selections for moms and their daughters. Little girls love matching their moms, so matching outfits are a great gift for mom and her bestie.

Now’s your chance to name a star after the mom in your life. Dedicated Stars make it so easy. When you name a star, you can write a personal message to appear on the certificate. Then within minutes, the certificate will be sent to your email. There is also an option to receive a high quality printed version that is framed. It’s pretty awesome that with the official star registration ID and star coordinates, you can access the the star in the sky with the Planetarium Platform software.

A good spice bundle goes a long way in every mom's kitchen. The Taste of America collection is masterfully crafted by a professional chef and comes with four savory spice blends that are all-natural and Kosher. There is a Key West Seasoning for seafood, Chicago Chop for barbecued meats, fiery Southern Charm to spice up any dish, and Everything+More bagel topping mix. So, let’s get mom cooking!

Women who struggle to find keys every day, like my mom, will find Joyful Keyper to be a wonderful gift. Keys will always be in the same spot so time won’t be spent digging through a bag. The Keyper can hold multiple key rings and is long enough to reach door locks without unhooking the keys. Great gift for you too!

11. Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom, AND Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma

Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom and Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma, are two beautiful gifts that capture all of Mom’s or Grandma’s precious memories and wisdom. This is a simple self-guided journey that helps them write down their life story and is broken up into chapters based on each stage of their lives. It’s something wonderful to pass down for generations to come. A true legacy.

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