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14 Gifts For Pop Culture Obsessed Fans

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Take a moment and think of at least one person you know that's super plugged in to pop culture. You know, the one who always keeps you posted on the latest shows, trends, and what's happening on Twitter and TikTok. Ok, maybe it's YOU! Either way, pop-culture themed items are the perfect way to showcase your personality at home, at the office, and even while on the go. I've rounded up 14 fan-worthy and affordable gift ideas for your pop crazed friend - or for you.

Come on, how awesome does this Windstorm Dragon look! This 3D puzzle is mechanical and doesn't require batteries. It is easy to wind it up, just hold the dragon by the body and turn the key clockwise. When you release the motor by pulling the start lever, the entire body of the dragon will begin moving. You can build this all by yourself without glue or special tools. The Windstorm Dragon would look awesome on a table or hung from the ceiling.

Embroidered Patches are a cute and fun way to customize your jackets, backpacks or anything that you can think of. For Disney lovers, the In The Mood for Food Embroidered Patch featuring Winnie the Pooh is a must. Charmed and Cozy only creates high quality and durable patches that will actually hold up over time. Plus, this patch is iron-on, which makes it easy for everyone.

This is no ordinary comic book... you control where the story goes. Using the interactive nature of role-playing games and the engaging visuals that kids love about video games, Comic Quests have created one-of-a-kind graphic novels that kids can read and play repeatedly. Just pick a character and a magical pet and begin your quest. These books are full of adventure and puzzles. This series contains seven books, including four in the Knights Club installment, two in Hocus & Pocus and one in Iron Magicians.

Now this purse is so cute. Thee pop it fidget toys are a so popular they are now at most registers, so when I came across this bag, I knew I had to share it with you. The Fidget POP IT Bag is unique and great for girls of all ages. There is plenty of room inside as well and comes with an adjustable shoulder step. As a full blown adult, I can't wait to rock this one day!

Put the phones down and start a great conversation. It's not as easy to disconnect anymore and these Pop Culture Conversation Cards from TableTopics are the perfect way to get everyone involved. This award winning 70's, 80's and 90's pack is on the coffee table in my living room and at least one person ALWAYS picks it up. TableTopics created an excelent product that really helps you connect with the people around you.

This has to be my favorite item on this list! As a kid I always collected stickers and even had a sticker book, so I love that stickers have kept their "cool" after all this time. The Ultimate Pop Culture Laptop Stickers Pack has everything from Pokemon and Super Heros to The Office and Meme's. No matter how old you are, decorate you books, laptops, luggage, skateboards, binders, desk, anything you can think of. The stickers in the pictures are exactly what you get and are sun and water proof.

Who knew that tiny versions of every day items you'd buy at a store would become a bit hit! Shopkins are a collector's dream. With hundreds of figures from the grocery store, toy aisle, fast food chains, anyone can build an entire mini universe. Many kids are obsessed and trade them in school with their friends. The Real Littles Micro Mart is an affordable toy. I even have friends, who are in their 20's and they collect them. I don't know what it is, but a mini Pringles container is just adorable!

I'm a sucker for puzzles and this Marvel Avengers Infinity War 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is exactly wanted and needed after binging the ENTIRE Marvel Catalog recently. This puzzle is only 500 pieces and is based on the poster of the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War. All your favorite characters are present and when you're done, this would make a great piece of art for your wall! Yes, there are plenty of ways to preserve your finished puzzle. Or, you can pass it along to another puzzle lover!

Of course I had to add another puzzle to this list. This '80s Game Room Pop Culture 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle may take a while but the end picture will look epic! The messy 80's and even 90's bedroom perfectly captures everything trending during that time period. Everything from Nintendo, Super Heros, sports, toys, movie posters and computers can be spotted.

Multifunctional bags are a woman's weakness, or is that just me? Anyway, the Golden Girls is probably one of the most treasured TV shows of all time. And, with the show being on streaming services, it's attracted a new audience. The Golden Inspired Cosmetics Bag Travel Bag can also be used for electronics, toiletries or valuables. It's 10" L and 7.2" H, making it the perfect size.

11. LED Game Neon Sign Gamepad Shape

Gamers of all ages would love this! This LED Game Neon Sign is a perfect addition to a bedroom, game room, office, man cave or basement. It's easy to install and is USB powered. Also, if you're looking for a little extra light in the dark, this definitely does the job.

Game fantasy themed coaster make a great addition to your home decor. The Mad Dungeon Podcast came up with The Wizard of the Coasters that double a quick to assemble battle map for your next Fantasy game adventure. Place some miniatures on them and start rolling your way to victory.

A good way to add some personality to your room is to hang a poster from your favorite movie. Put it into a frame and bam, artwork! Just Movie Posters is a great place to get theatrical, video/DVD posters, mini-posters, and movie poster postcards. They have posters for films such as Bridesmaids, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mamma Mia!, Transformers, and more.

What's more personal than a custom song using your words. No, you don't need any musical experience! Your Songmaker makes the process super easy and helps you every step of the way. The final product will be 2-4 minutes, with custom music and professional vocalists, have full instruments and you can even pick the musical style you'd like! This is such a creative and unique way to bring your song about a past show or game to life.

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