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16 Great Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

The Holidays are right around the corner and I definitely have not finished shopping for everyone in my family. Somehow I don't believe I'm alone either. So I've put together a few of my favorite stocking stuffers. There is something in this list for kids, adults, friends, parents, coworkers and more.

1. Night Stone Bracelet

How beautiful do these bracelets look?! The Night Stone Bracelet stones are natural, subtle and come in a variety of colors! They are elastic which makes them able to fit most wrists.

PRICE: $25

2. Tiptoes

Love being barefoot but hate when your toes are cold? Tiptoes were created as a solution to slippers but giving you the feeing of being barefoot, with non slip bottoms. They are perfect for anyone in your family. I can't get enough of the baby and kids Tiptoes which are great for when they are starting to walk or run around the house. With a strap that goes over bridge of the foot, the Tiptoes will never fall off. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from for any style.

PRICE: Staring at $6.50 a pair

3. Flexilight 2 in 1 Booklight

Any reader you know will love this as a gift!! Flexilight is a 2 in 1 Booklight that’s flexible with a built in LED light. You can use it as a bookmark after you've finished reading as well. Even though it’s so thin, you won’t misplace it with the stripes, dots, flowers and wordy designs. The Flexilight is can bend forward at any angle so the light can bright up anywhere you want it too. CR2016 Batteries included.

PRICE: $11.99 to $12.99


4. The Ballber – Electric Trimmer

Trimming down there is never fun and never easy. My Happy Nuts is changing that with The Ballber Electric Trimmer. No more cuts, nicks, pulling, tugging or snags. This has a dual-sided ergonomic design that goes in both directions, which helps to trim those hard-to-reach areas. The Ballber is super powerful, yet tames the coarse hair easily. Happy Nuts even has a Comfort Cream that absorbs sweat and creates an anti-friction layer. You’re sure to find something for the men if your life with Happy Nuts.

PRICE: $69


5. Spicy Yet Sweet - Variety 3 Pack

Give the gift of flavor this holiday season. African Dream Foods have these chili sauces that are sweet with a hint of spice. The Spicy Yet Sweet Variety 3 Pack is great for those just starting out on their hot sauce journey. Their recipe developers have created everything from Ghost Peri-Peri Sauce lasagna and Sweet Dream glazed pork tenderloin to Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce buffalo chicken wings! So, don't be afraid to get creative.

PRICE: $24.95

6. Natural Collection (Bracelets) - Arcticus Ltd.

These bracelets are inspired by the most beautiful and iconic elements of the arctic environment. Made with sustainable waxed hemp cord, the Natural Collection Bracelets from Arcticus make for a great gift. They come in 6 colors and have an adjustable knot to fit all wrist sizes. Plus, every time you shop at Arcticus, they donate 25% to organizations that help the environment and wildlife of the Arctic.

PRICE: $21 ($17 with 20% code)


7. Flatware

On the go utensil sets are very popular since they are reusable, clean and green. What separates Flatware from other reusable cutlery is its sleek and compact design. It’s so compact that it’s about the size of a card holder, just 3mm thick. Wild right? And they’re made from stainless steel so you know they’re durable and can easily be cleaned. When you’re ready to eat, just slide out your fork or spoon from its holder and enjoy your meal.


8. Candy Cane Cake Kits

Oh how I love an interactive and edible gifts. InstaCake Cards’ festive Candy Cane Kits are packed with all the premium ingredients and tools to make a personalized cake in minutes. I think this is a great stocking stuffer for kids and it fits perfectly inside one too.

PRICE: $39.80 (includes 4 cake kits)

9. Shower Steamers

Turn your shower into a spa with the Shower Steamers from NW Beauty Works. Just place the steamer on the corner of your shower floor out of the direct line of water. It just needs a little splash to active it. Think of a bath bomb, but for the shower. The steamers are infused with a special non-medicated mixture of menthol and peppermint oils that can help relieve sinus pressure, tension teaches and ultimately feel relaxed.

PRICE: $14


10. Apricot Habanero Jam

Who doesn’t love a good sweet and spicy combo? Now imagine that in a jam! The Apricot Habanero Jam is Coo Moo's most popular jam flavor and it fits perfectly with your favorite holiday recipe. Lets please address the adorable label. That’s Gracie, the brand’s mascot, who loves jam too!

PRICE: $12.00

11. Butter Hub

This is a smart butter dish called Butter Hub. It has 4 unique features that makes it stand out from the rest. The Butter Hub has a magnet built for you knife, extended feet on the bottom of the life so butter doesn’t touch the table, curved ramps at both ends for scooping and scraping. The lid locks into place and rubber feet at the bottom keeps it from sliding on the table. The Butter Hub is dishwasher safe and is microwaveable (not the lid with the magnet inside). A Stainless steel knife is also included.

PRICE: $17.99

12. Beast Tumbler

Who doesn’t love a good tumbler that’s dishwasher safe? The Beast Tumbler from Greens Steel is really the best insulated mug on the market. It’ll keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. It comes with a splash-proof lid and a few eco-friendly stainless steel straws. Store whatever you’d like in the Beast Tumbler. It comes it 20oz - 40oz and even has a lifetime warranty.

PRICE: $15

13. MyPlate

Every meal can be healthy and simple with MyPlate. Whether it’s for kids or adults, MyPlate can help everyone eat healthier with balanced, portion controlled sections for the food groups. Sometimes all it takes is a visual guide for the healthiest way to eat.

PRICE: $9.95

14. Buttermints

Get ready to have Buttermints melt in your mouth. With festive flavors like spice eggnog and cinnamon, you can add these candies to any stocking. Buttermints also has other flavors that are fruit and minty, so you’ll find something everyone will love. I love that Buttermints started out in a home kitchen and this family treat has been passed on for the world to enjoy.

PRICE: $11.99/bag

DISCOUNT CODE: #scrumptious for 10% OFF your order from now until the end of 202

15. The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, UFO Disclosure, Consciousness & Other Mind Zoomers

Here’s a book that’s out of this world! The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, UFO Disclosure, Consciousness & Other Mind Zoomers, is for anyone who’s interested in the ongoing international news regarding UFOs/paranormal, close encounters, and related expereinces. This book comes with a Rousing Dan Aykroyd Endorsement! Taking readers on an insightful journey through history, culture, and personal stories, this book offers new insights into how we arrived at this point.

PRICE: $21.95 (softcover paperback); $9.99 (Kindle)

16. Discover Your Joy

This #1 Amazon Best Seller is for anyone who needs some daily inspiration. As another new year approaches with so many unknowns, spend a few minutes a day reading Discover Your Joy. It’s packed with daily affirmations, stories, thoughts and quotes. Each month addresses a specific topic such as joy, hope, holidays, etc.

PRICE: $18.95

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