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This Japanese Cleanse from R's KOSO has changed my Gut Health

I was introduced to R's KOSO by a colleague of mine. After hearing about the company she said to me “You need to try this Japanese cleanse Felicia since you try new products like this.”

As someone who lives with Celiac, I am always cognizant of products and the ingredients they are made with, so I immediately read about this cold-pressed juice cleanse that says it’s good for your gut and decided, yep, I would give it a go.

When I received R's KOSO in the mail and opened the box I was met with a message on the top fold “Keep Your Gut Healthy”. The packaging and presentation were very neat and clean. I took out the booklet first and read the clear instructions stating specific ratios you can mix for those who want to try different levels of consumption, depending on your health-related objective.

Then I looked at the back of the bottle which showed the variety of nutrients and vegetables that are combined to make this a nice nutritional cleanse. Seaweed and mushrooms are two that stood out as very important ingredients to R's KOSO. Seaweeds are one of nature's best dietary source of iodine, which helps support the thyroid gland. Plus, seaweed is that special extra, Japanese women use to maintain their beautiful hair. Mushrooms possess many vital nutrients like glucans, dietary fiber, as well as act as prebiotics to help with overall health.

3 Recommended Cleanses

  • Breakfast Koso Cleanse: Simply replacing your breakfast routine with a single serving of R's KOSO

  • 1-Day Koso Cleanse: Replace all 3 meals with 3-5 servings of R's KOSO each day.

  • 3-Day Koso Cleanse: Replace 3 meals each day for 3 days with 3-5 servings of R's KOSO. * If you want to try 5+ Day Cleanse

My 4 Week Cleanse Results

I opted to not do the full cleanse program but instead tried the Breakfast Cleanse every morning and have done so for 4 weeks.

Upon the first sip, I tasted the cauliflower, asparagus, and cabbage flavors. It definitely offers a healthier choice combo of fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics. After a few times of drinking R's KOSO, I began tasting a sweeter flavor.

First thing I noticed was the many trips to the bathroom I took as my gut started to clean out the toxins inside my body. I also noticed I wasn’t bloated and my stomach felt flatter. Wow! Then came the energy, which seemed to increase as I continued to use R's KOSO. I walk every day 1-2 miles but, now my stride was increased along with feeling good.

As a managing director of a very fast-paced company, clarity is of utmost importance, and I absolutely experienced this too and continue to do so.

I have also noticed that my sleep quality has improved and I wake up well rested.

My Review

For those who do not want to go full-on cleanse, I highly recommend using R's KOSO as a daily supplement. It has reset my digestion with no problems and it offers a way to cleanse without the “hangry” or irritable feeling that you get with other cleanses.

I look forward to doing the weeklong cleanse and maybe losing a few pounds along the way.

R's KOSO is a product I can recommend to friends with ease and actually just did today. It works quickly and efficiently and helps you smile along the way!

As with all new cleanses, we always recommend consulting with your doctor first.

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