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Be Creative and Stay Organized with the Strawberry Planner

I have kept planners of all sorts since I was a young teen. It began with just a red hard covered lined book, small daily calendars then larger thick monthly planners that I scribbled all over.

So, when I had the opportunity to have 2 Strawberry Planners sent to me, I reminisced about my past planners and things I wrote about; how I was feeling, my first boyfriend, why I was going to work harder in science, planning what I was going to wear to school for the week (sounds funny, but is so true), and my strategy to beat the other math team students at our inter-school competitions. I would even write what I ate for dinner and how I needed to improve in ballet. I also laughed because a few years back, I read and shared excerpts from one planner with my girlfriends while sitting on the beach.

When I received my Strawberry Planner, it was packaged so nicely with stickers to seal the wrapping too and a note attached from its founder Marisol Consuego. I quickly opened one of the two journals I received and was greeted with " Hello Darling." Needless to say, a smile came across my face and I started perusing the pages. The first thing that stands out to someone when you open the Strawberry planner is the simple way Marisol has designed it. From the "Hello Darling" and the very intentional pages that follow, one can't help but find Strawberry Planer both inspirational and motivational.

It has a minimal design, with specific pages that help guide your creativity, writing your goals and intentions down. It's so funny because as I immediately began writing in the 6-month planner. After a few days, I went back to see what I had written days before. It makes reflecting on previous memories and thoughts so much easier. It also allows you to just stop and ponder about what you had set out to do even a few days before and contemplate what might have changed your thoughts. Strawberry Planner also offers stickers you can add to your planner. Phrases like "high maintenance", "good vibes", and "still growing" will surely help you set your intentions and stick to them.

Your Strawberry Planner is all about YOU. It is you speaking in written words, the way you think them. It helps you organize your time and helps you achieve whatever goal or goals you set for yourself, whether by day, week, or month. It is your private journal where your innermost feelings can be written but most of all it is as Marisol states that each planner is your "Wheel of Life".

Oh, what things I'll have charted down in my planner, that years from now will bring a smile to my face and even a chuckle. And who knows, maybe contents from my Strawberry Planners might lead to a book that I can leave as a legacy to my family.

The Strawberry Planner offers two styles of planners. Each helps you navigate all aspects of your life and reflect on the progress you've made and be purchased directly from the Strawberry Planner website.

Strawberry Planner was featured on our podcast!

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