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A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With Custom AOS Orthotics

They’re Helping You Show Your Feet Some Love!

We never really think about the pressure our feet are subject to every day we walk on them. We take them for granted, going about our day’s activities, standing and walking on them; some of us having jobs where we stand for hours and others wearing those stylish shoes that make or break an outfit. Hence occupations, athletic activities, weekend warrior events and leisure activities determine the different problems our feet encounter and our overall health.

I was introduced to AOS Orthotics after seeing Dr.Chris Patrick’s appearance on the Brand Ambassador Select podcast. I learned about the method in which AOS creates their elite orthotics and the benefits they provide for immediate foot pain relief. They utilize 3D scanning and computer-aided design software to create an orthotics specific to every individual’s need. Their reputation is known for helping cure people from all walks of life for all foot pain reduction and performance enhancement. They have also built their reputation on helping people find a solution for pain through introducing custom home exercise plans.

Dr. Chris’ “on-the-spot” approach listening to host Lenore’s foot concerns, with a quick evaluation of her feet, helped her understand the options she had to relieve her own foot pain, something she’s been suffering through for years. The orthotics sample she was provided was very well made, designed for her foot size and was created with a cushion that supported her arch type. She was then advised what type of orthotics would provide her with the most comfort based on her pain points. Dr Chris’s professionalism and knowledge made her feel at ease and when she placed her foot on the AOS Orthotics she immediately started smiling. Relief was present.

No matter your age, custom orthotics have proven benefits that help shape happy and healthier lifestyles. Do you want to find out what orthotics would work best for you or have concerns about how your activities are impacting your foot health? I recommend contacting AOS Orthotics as they walk the extra mile to show your feet some love.

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