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23 of Our Fall Favorites

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Get ready to spend more time inside as the cooler weather sets in. If you're anything like me, that means time to purchase a few new things for the new season. Bath essentials, home senses, family fun, decorations, clothing and self care items are always on the list. So, I wanted to share a few of the ones that are on my list!

1. Amba Heated Towel Racks

Because who doesn’t want a heated towel after stepping out of the shower or bath? Transform your bathroom into a day spa with Amba Heated Towel Racks. These affordable towel racks add style and reduce dampness and mildew. Amba offers models that are free standing or mounted on the wall. Also, Amba’s Heated Towel Racks use about the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs.

PRICE: $226

2. Boost Oxygen

Fuel your brain or recover from a workout with Boost Oxygen THINK TANK. This is portable 95% pure oxygen in a can that’s infused with Rosemary Aroma, can help increase short term memory up to 75%. It's the first all-natural, inhalable, cognitive support product based on science and history. Boost Oxygen THINK TANK is even great for older adults who live an active lifestyle, or people who live in an area with poor air quality. Next time skip the caffeine jitters and inhale some Boost Oxygen.

PRICE: $11.99 MED / $16.99 LG

3. Candle Tin Gift Set

Handcrafted Anjelah Candles bring comfort and luxury together. Their Candle Tin Gift Set lets customers choose three scents from any of their collections. This is the perfect gift for any occasion. Anjelah candles are made with the highest grade coconut soy wax blend and premium fragrance oils. Every scent is specially made from a moment in their founders, Shondra Glovers, life. Now’s your turn to light a candle and start creating memories.

PRICE: $55

4. Reed Diffusers by Broken Top

Get a scent that will last a long time without any flames. The Reed Diffusers by Broken Top offers fragrances that last up to four months. Each diffuser comes with a beautifully crafted vessel that includes 4oz’s of natural reed diffuser oil and six black reeds. They have four scents, Sea Salt Surf, Saguaro Cactus, Fresh Squeezed and Citrus Herbed Tonic. Think about how cute it’ll look with your home decor.

PRICE: $36

5. WAMA Underwear

Who doesn't want a comfy pair of undies? WAMA Underwear were my first pair of hemp underwear and was very satisfied with the quality. Hemp textiles are naturally anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable. They have kept their shape in the wash and continue to provide comfort. WAMA even has bralettes.

PRICE: $20 - $38

6. Rooster Jigsaw Puzzle

Everyone could use a good puzzle in their drawer. The Rooster Jigsaw Puzzle from Cloudberries is great to complete this fall. When you’re done, you can hang it up, or pass it along to another puzzle lover. All puzzles are made from recycled board and papers and for every puzzle that’s sold, Cloudberries plants a tree.

PRICE: $24.99

7. Big Book of Family Games

Create memorable nights with the Big Book of Family Games. The 101 original group games guarantees hours of entertainment. This book is travel-friendly and perfect to bring on a family trip. Get ready to unplug and enjoy your time with family and friends.

PRICE: $19.99

8. Honey Chamomile CBN Gummies

If you’re having trouble sleeping and looking for something natural to help, you have to try Honey Chamomile CBN Gummies. A cannabinoid called Cannabinol (CBN) is believed to have beneficial effects on sleep by many. So, when paired with CBD, Chamomile, and Raw Honey, these gummies prepare you for a calm, deep and blissful sleep. They won’t knock you out cold like traditional sleeping pills. The Honey Chamomile CBN Gummies aid to get healthy, uninterrupted sleep, so that you can wake up energized and ready to face the day. PRICE: $55

9. John’s Crazy Socks

Everyone could use a pair of fun printed socks. John’s Crazy Socks offer a wide variety that would be a great addition to your wardrobe. The socks come in a variety of styles for moms, dads, grandparents, dogs, cat lovers, foodies, book lovers, holiday socks and socks highlighting social causes. They even donate 10% from each pair sold to North Shore Animal League America.

PRICE: $13.99

10. Mens Plush Robe

All men need a robe! They deserve to be cozy too. The Boss by Lotus Linen is an ultra-durable and stylish robe for everyday use. The Plush robe is designed to fit just right and is lint free. It’s so comfortable that they’ll never want to take it off.

PRICE: $42.87 - $52.87

11. My Pipers Boxer Shorts reinvented for girls

At last! Finally a boxer short for girls that are perfect for dancing, gymnastics, and playing around. My Pipers, founded by females, has reinvented the classic boxer short for girls! They're soft, feature no open fly, are tailored for the perfect fit under skirts and dresses. My Pipers are sensory friendly and made of 100% organic cotton. Your little girl will have plenty of designs to choose from.

PRICE: $26


12. Wicksly

You can now get elegant candles delivered to your door every month with Wicksly. Every month you'll get a candle that represents it. Expect spicy autumnal scents in the fall and warmth and coziness in the winter (I can smell it now). Their candles are all hand-poured, 100% soy and are non-toxic and lead-free.

PRICE: $20/Month

13. The Outbreak: Escape Virtual Race

Join the zombie race! The Outbreak: Escape Virtual Race is a zombie themed 60 mile virtual race that you can walk or run in about 15-30 days. This isn’t your ordinary race. There is a storyline and adventure you play through in the app while walking or running in real life. The coolest part is that you can play with friends from another town.

PRICE: $29.95

DISCOUNT CODE: Brand Ambassador Select

14. Chunky Scarf Knitting Kit

Always wanted to start knitting but never knew how? Well, the Chunky Scarf Knitting Kit is perfect for first time or inexperienced knitters. As the weather gets crispier, how cool would it be to be rocking a cozy scarf you made! Or, you can use your new knitting hobby and gift your master pieces to friends and family.

PRICE: $39/95


15. MyCharging Station

Never let a device die again thanks for MyCharging Station. It’s a sleek, charging dock that mounts directly to your outlet. With 2 Power outlets, 4 USB ports, and a 45W USB-C PD port, It’ll help you stay organized. Think about all the counter space you’ll be saving.

PRICE: $79.99

16. Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk

Get the bubble bath ready! This Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk is a perfect addition to your bathtub or bed. It expands up to 42.5” to fit any size tub and even has adjustable foldable legs for the bedroom or couch. It can even be used for those working from home and want to move to the couch to get some work done. So, don’t suffer from neck or back pain anymore. Now, lets go back to picturing yourself relaxing in a bathtub. What a unique gift!

PRICE: $49.67


17. SportsChic Women's Vegan Tote Bag

We found a stylish, insulated tote! SportsChic Women's Vegan Tote Bag is a multi-functional bag that can fit a laptop, yoga matt, baby formula, wine, the list goes on, that’s how much room is in this bag. The four insulated pockets can even keep plenty of drinks hot or cold. It’s vegan pebble grain leather is UV protected, waterproof, and easy to keep clean, which makes this tote great for any activity. I’m really loving the Titanium White tote, but they do offer other colors such as, Black Moon, Metallic Pewter, Classic Blue, Metallic Gold and Coriander.

PRICE: $139

DISCOUNT CODE: FF-20 for 20% off

18. The Aria - Two Hoop Agate Crystal Air Plant Sun Catcher

Add some crystals to your decor. The Charmer Boutique has created this beautiful Two Hoop Agate Crystal Air Plant Sun Catcher called The Aria. It’s infused with Reiki and are one of the easiest plants to care for so don’t worry about having it die. The rainbows that reflect from the prisms all over the room is a beautiful sight to see. This piece is so gorgeous.

PRICE: $62


19. 20 Minutes Timer from UGEARS

This one is for our hands on friends. UGEARS has plenty of incredible models to build and one of our favorites is the 20 Minutes Timer. Once you build it, it can count down to zero from 1 to 20 minutes. No glue is needed and the wood model kit includes all pieces and instructions to help you along. It definitely makes for a unique home accent. How ingenious!

PRICE: $39.99

20. VERSILLO Travel Pillow

Never be uncomfortable in the car or on a plane ever again. The VERSILLO Travel Pillow is the pillow for everything. It’s more than just a neck pillow, it helps with neck lumbar and back support. This is a must- have for anywhere you go and any adventure you take.

PRICE: $19.95

21. CBD Reed Diffuser

No matches are required for Chillax’n CBD Reed Diffuser. Wind down and reduce your stress with this CBD vanilla scent. The diffuser is made from 100% USA Farmed Hemp. It’s time to insert sticks into the vessel and relax.

PRICE: $24.99

22. Signature CBD Candles

Melt away your tension with CBD Candles from Chillax’n. This candle promotes calmness and doesn’t smell like know what. CBD candles are made the same way as your typical candle. The properties of CBD are known to reduce anxiety and assist with stress reduction, as well as being able to lift a person's mood.

PRICE: $28.99

23. Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace, 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded, 3 Soothing Guided Meditations for Deep Stress Relief, Effortless Sleep & Renewed Energy

Close your eyes and start your journey on one of three uniquely soothing guided meditations with "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace". Award winning stress relief expert, Susie Mantell’s voice carries listeners into a soft, effortless sleep. There is even a 10-minute brain vacation.

PRICE: $19.95 Audiobook $19.95 Audio CD

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