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Be Your Best Self With These 9 Products

Even though we are almost half way through January, it's not too late to start positive habits and become the best version of yourself. Get organized, feel refreshed and love yourself with these 9 products.

1. SmartClean Sonic Toothbrush

You got to love pearly whites! Teeth are definitely something people look at first. So, let your smile shine with the SmartClean Sonic Toothbrush. It uses sonic vibrations to create small bubbles in your mouth that massage your gums and reaches in between teeth. All 5 brushing modes have a 30-second zone reminder so you don’t miss any part of your mouth. Get ready to smile!

PRICE: $69.95

2. Organic Purifying Cleanser

Clean up with the Organic Purifying Cleanser from Block Island Organics. This antioxidant and vitamin-rich, organic formula cleans and freshens skin. It's a perfect way to remove makeup and impurities that build up all day. This cleanser is sulfate free and is so light and gentle on your skin.

PRICE: $21.99

3. Hairbrush Pouch

No need to throw you hair brush, comb, hair ties and clips in your bag anymore. There is finally a pouch to store all your hair accessories in. The Hairbrush Pouch is ideal for anyone who finds themselves constantly transferring all their hair accessories from bag to bag. You can even put hair products inside and never worry about them leaking in your bag.

PRICE: $24.99

4. Starflower + Snow Mushroom ultra-hydrating sleep mask

Forget your regular old night cream and try Starflower + Snow Mushroom ultra-hydrating sleep mask. This night cream provides intense hydration without feeling heavy. With cold-pressed Starflower oil and adaptogen-infused Snow Mushroom extract, this dream cream formula helps instantly plump and smooth fine lines in one step.

PRICE: $25

5. Vector Tweezers

Everyone needs a good pair of tweezers. The Brio Vector Tweezer is an incredible tool and I love the slanted tip. This tweezer actually grabs the hairs without cutting them to insure a great pluck. The grip and control makes these tweezers a great addition to a first aid kit. And let's not forget how they help grabbing items too small for our fingers to manipulate.

PRICE: $9.95

6. Organize Your Home 10 Minutes at a Time

Organize, declutter, and simplify your life with these cards! In 10 minutes, each of the 50 cards outlines 4 to 6 simple steps for organizing and accomplishing 1 task. Professional organizers created the Organize Your Home 10 Minutes at a Time deck of cards. Some cards are even labeled Child-Friendly which helps teach the little ones responsibility. If you don’t know where to start, these card will be a huge help.

PRICE: $19.99

7. Aloe Vera Serum

When it comes to a skincare routine, serums can be a game-changer. Improve and nourish your skin with the Aloe Vera Serum. It absolutely promotes a more even and balanced skin tone. The aloe and oil blend is fast-absorbing so your face is left feeling refreshed without any greasy residue.

PRICE: $35

8. Anti Aging Face Moisturizer and Recovery and Repair Hand Cream Duo

It’s never too early to use an anti aging moisturizer. Healthy skin is bright, firm, and youthful, and it doesn't show signs of aging. The Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer and Deep Hydrating Hand Cream fights wrinkles and aging, and hydrates the deep layers of your skin, giving it a boost of softness and suppleness. Now’s the time to rebuild you damaged skin and improve your skin's appearance.

PRICE: $43

9. Vitamin C Beauty Elixir

Your skin can glow anytime and anywhere with the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir. This spray helps reduce redness and hydrates your skin. Instead of washing your face multiple times a day, use the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir spray for a refreshing feel. It doesn’t leave any sticky reside behind and can even be sued as a primer or makeup setting spray. It’s a great on the go must have!

PRICE: $19

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