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What To Bring A Friend This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The one thing my parents always taught me was to never show up empty handed anywhere, especially during the holidays. There are only so many times I can bring ponsienta plants. This year I wanted to switch it up so I wanted to share some of the unique gift ideas I’ve found and using this year. You can never go wrong with food and drinks.

1. Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies

There are cookies, then there are Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies. No one will be upset when they receive the Gourmet Gratitude collection. All the cookies, which are individually wrapped with uplifting sayings, come in a beautiful and elegant box. I love that you can truly personalize each order to fit your friends personality.

PRICE: $10.95

DISCOUNT CODE: BAS21, 10% off, expires 11/30/21

2. Online Liquor Store

Find any type of liquor you’re looking for on LiquorVerse, the universe of liquor. They even accept Coinbase Crypto as a form of payment. The more you buy, the lower the shipping gifts. If there is something you can’t find, you can email then and they will try to get it for you. Now that’s incredible customer service!

PRICE: Varies

3. Macaron Queen

I recently noticed that all the shells of macarons taste the same and the flavor only comes from the filling. The Macaron Queen wanted to fix that. She has mastered the flavored shell. From nutty Pistachio that has real pistachio to rich chocolate which has real cacao powder, these macarons will be an instant hit. They only use Italian buttercream, which is not easy to work with but the Macaron Queen has perfected it all. I can’t forget the presentation! The macarons come in a elegant white box with gold accents. The hardest part is picking which flavors you want to add to your box!

PRICE: Starting at $15

4. Miss Myrtle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whether it’s by choice or medical, celiac, there’s always that one friend that is Gluten Free (I can think of three off the top of my head). And from experience, not all gluten free cookies actually taste delicious. This year bring your friend a gift basket of cookies that they’ll beg you for more. Miss Myrtle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are homemade, organic and taste perfect. Choose from regular and dark chocolate, walnut and macadamia cookies.

PRICE: Treat bags: $5 - $6 / Biggies: $10 -12.50

DISCOUNT CODE: missmyrtlesccc

5. Peggy Jean’s Pies

Pies are a HUGE holiday staple. There is always one pie on the dessert table. Switch it up this year. Peggy Jean’s Pies are made from scratch in four ounce Mason jars and even come with tiny forks. Every pie is baked the day they ship to you to ensure freshness.

PRICE: $16.99 - $34.99


6. Cardamom Mulled Wine Kit

For those who are the designate at-home bartender or want to switch up their usual drink, Pink House Alchemy makes it easy with their farm to table simple syrup. Turn your classic Red wine into a seasonal cocktail with the Cardamom Mulled Wine Kit. This kit comes with a 16oz bottle of pH Cardamon Syrup, dehydrated fruit (lemon, lime, blood orange, grapefruit), peppercorns, star anise, and a cinnamon stick. Just add a bottle of our favorite Red Zinfandel or any Red blend.

PRICE: $21

7. Aphrodite Merlot

You can never go wrong with bringing bottle of wine to a friends house. For your friends who prefer Red wine, bring them the Aphrodite Merlot from the Broken Rock Vineyards in Napa Valley. The warm days, plenty of daily sunshine, cool nights and volcanic soil, “allow the vines to produce fruit of the highest quality”.

PRICE: $59.99

8. Customized Siligrams Ice Tray

If your friend is scotch, whiskey or bourbon drinker, then they’ll love the Customized Siligrams Ice Tray. It’s always a classy touch when you serve someone a drink with an elegant ice cube. These Siligrams Ice Tray’s can be personalized with initials, names, phrases, logos, special events, dates, and more! Trust me, you’ll find yourself always snapping pictures of your drinks when you use these ice cube molds.

PRICE: $39 - $129 (based hon personalization options)


9. Baked Goods from Silver Rose Bakery

Decorated cookies are a staple for the holiday season and let the bakers from Silver Rose Bakery design them for you! I love that you can request any theme you'd like. Cookies that look like a winter wonderland and taste delicious, are guaranteed to fly off the countertops at anyones home.

PRICE: $6.95 - $89.95


10. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

It’s so easy to make cocktails with the Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit. Inside the box, you’ll have all the ingredients and tools of a professional bartender. It’s so compact that it can be taken anywhere. The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit serves 6 hand-crafted premium Old Fashioned cocktails. If you purchase additional sugar cubes, you can make up to 25 cocktails with this kit!

PRICE: $22.99

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