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Up Your Productivity With These 12 Products

With so many jobs staying remote or offering hybrid options, having a healthy work-life balance is really important. In order to stay focused and productive, I’ve learned that creating a space just for "you" is super helpful because the kitchen table, couch, and or bed just isn’t cutting it anymore. Also, any excuse to redecorate, rearrange or even buy new home items, I’m in! So, I wanted to share a few of my new favorite office must-haves that will make your job more fun and comfortable. From computer stands and desks to lamps and food containers: Shop it all, below.

1. Intelligent Stand

This is more than just a laptop stand! Working on a laptop isn’t always the best for our neck since it is constantly bent down. One of the quickest ways to create a more ergonomic setup is snatching one of these Intelligent Stands. It’s also a book stand and has a phone holder making it ideal to avoid cluttering up your workspace. The fact that it’s so lightweight and compact, makes it super easy to take on the go.


2. Livho Acetate Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at a computer screen for hours can really take a toll on your eyes. The blue light is actually harmful and can lead to headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision. That’s why blue light glasses are so important. Livho has so many styles to choose from, and the lenses are clear. There is a reason they have over 96,000 reviews on Amazon. It even comes with a collapsible case, which I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without.

3. Victor Technology High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk

An adjustable desk is truly life-changing! I never realized how much of a difference it made until I got one myself. This High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk can easily be switched between sitting and standing while working. It’s great for reducing neck and back pain and can be customized to a height that works best for you! It’s 48” wide by 23.6” deep which is more than enough space to fit everything you want on your desk.

4. Allay Lamp

If you’re stressed or have anxiety from endless work hours or just tired or listening to the kids, check out this wellness therapy lamp. This revolutionary lamp can relax your mind, promote sleep, and reduce headache pain without resorting to medication. The narrow band of green light produces fewer electrical signals than regular light which soothes your eyes and brain. The Allay Lamp was invented by a Harvard medical school professor and neuroscientist. What a total game changer right?

BUY NOW: $199

5. Bamboo Monitor Stand w/ Drawers & Phone Holder

If you’re working off a PC, a monitor stand is super useful. Raising the monitor helps keep it at eye level with no more looking down at the screen. It's time to spice up your desk with this Bamboo Monitor Stand There are two drawers, two pen holders, a cup holder, a phone holder, and a large compartment for whatever you need. Having cords all over the place is messy so, the built-in grommet hole keeps them in one place. Now, tuck your keyboard and mouse underneath increasing desk space. X-nrg Life really thought of it all!

6. Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional HYBRID

A comfortable keyboard goes a long way when you spend so much time on a computer. The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional HYBRID Type-S is just what you need to enhance productivity and efficiency, The way the keyboard is designed keeps your hands and arms from getting tired. It’s compact and has Bluetooth technology. The coolest feature is being able to pair this one keyboard to multiple devices!

7. Leather Mouse Pad

No matter what you may think, mousepads are necessary. They are comfortable, protect your desk and even keep your mouse clean. Plus depending on the one you have, it could make your desk look, extra professional. That is why this Leather Mouse Pad is such a hit. It’s handmade and can even be personalized.


8. Bluetooth Stereo Computer Speakers

Whether you’re gaming, streaming, listening to music, or even media production, good-quality speakers can go a long way. I’ve always been a fan of Logitech products and their Multi Device Stereo Speakers are one of my favorite. The fact that I can pair multiple devices to this one set of speakers has made it super easy when switching from my PC to my laptop or even my cellphone. They don’t take up much space and have pretty good sound for its size and price.

9. HD Webcam with Microphone

Now’s the time to upgrade your old webcam and chat like a pro. Whether you’re trying to just keep updated with coworkers, making a huge presentation, or recording webinars, the quality of your video should be on point. This Full HD 1080p webcam will give you a clear, crisp image that will surely make an impression with others in the call. There is even a built-in microphone that can capture audio up to three feet away.

10. Bluetooth Computer Mouse

Once you have a Bluetooth computer mouse, you’ll never go back. I just upgraded from a wireless mouse and wow has it made a big difference. A Bluetooth Mouse allows you to move from device to device without having to use a USB port. These are super useful when using a laptop or tablet that doesn’t even have USB ports. With only 2 AA batteries, this mouse can last up to 24 months! Also, it’s just so nice, smoothly moving it across the screen, and has an ergonomic design.

11. Video Conference Lighting Kit

Lighting is the most important key to a good video and let’s be real, sometimes the lighting in our offices, or kitchens just isn’t the best. Enhance your videos with Video Conference Lighting Kit. It’s perfect for a laptop, desktop, or any flat surface. The five brightness levels and modes give you the best light for any environment. It’s small, portable, and easy to put in your bag. Just plug this light into a USB power source and start filming.

12. Large Stainless Steel Food Container

Who doesn’t want a hot lunch? Bklyn Bento boxes are perfect for having a delicious homemade meal on the go. They come with silicone lids, are 100% leakproof, and is super easy to open! The food separator makes it easy to have a well-rounded meal and can even be placed in microwave. Plus, these containers are made with “clean materials”. So, never go hungry again!

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