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Spray Your Wrinkles Away With Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


This may sound too good to be true but you have to hear me out. My first introduction to Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle was from my son’s college roommate. I watched in amazement as he sprayed wrinkles away on his shirt. He sprayed the shirt, shook and flattened it with his hands. NO MORE WRINKLES! I was an instant fan!

About Iron In A Bottle

After being completely shocked by the results, I had to look into this product. While doing my research, I learned that Iron In A Bottle only contains 5 ingredients. That’s it! The ingredients are plant-based surfactant, distilled water, natural quality control agents, and linen fragrance, which makes this an eco-friendly and a safe product. The plant-based surfactant is the active ingredient in Iron in a Bottle. Just like hair conditioner, the surfactant relaxes the fibers of your clothing. Your jaw will drop as you watch the wrinkles fall. With Zero harsh chemicals that’s completely non-toxic, Iron In A Bottle is a cruelty-free, safe product.

Bottle Sizings & Packaging

It was like Christmas morning when I received my delivery of Iron In A Bottle. I was patiently waiting at the door for the delivery truck. Tom and Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle was delivered sealed with a safety cap and the spray nozzle separate. I loved that the sealed cap makes it safe and convenient for delivery and travel.

First Time I Used Iron In A Bottle

The first time I used Iron In A Bottle was in an emergency situation. My son had a job interview and before walking out the door I noticed how wrinkled his shirt was. Of course he thought it looked fine, but it was a mom to the rescue type of moment. With less than 3 minute to spare, I had my son take his shirt off and used my Iron In A Bottle to save the day. I hung the shirt on hanger and started spraying away. Then I used my hands to flatten out the shirt, one hand on the front and one on the back. Bamm! The wrinkles were gone. It would have taken me more than double the time to get out the iron, get the ironing board and then to iron.

Where To Get Iron In A Bottle

Click Here to learn more about Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle and feel free to use our discount code to get 15% off: BRANDAMBASSADOR15

Iron In A Bottle Were Guests On Our Podcasts!

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