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Products Parents Over 55 Must Have! Then Again, You Will Want Them For Yourself!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

These days women and men over 55 are living their absolute best lives, and I can attest to this as I am in this age group.

Products we buy or gifts we receive reflect where we are on journey, one that I hope continues for a long time. With this in mind I have comprised a list of products you need to try, ones that make you nostalgic, others that are entertaining, and then those that are comforting and inspire a better quality of life. With this epic list, the hardest part will be, not buying everything!

1. Heirloom Video Book

Next time you have people over and want to show them a video, hand them the Heirloom Video Book. Yes, this is a book that plays your videos and doesn’t require internet connection! Upload videos from your phone, computer or even directly from Facebook and Instagram to Heirlooms website of app. That’s it! Heirloom does the rest and ships it right to your front door. The books are perfect for highlights from any occasion: holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more! Your Heirloom book, which can hold up to 20 minutes of content, comes fully charged so you can immediately view your video.

PRICE: $49 (including shipping)


2. Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet

It’s the truth, we can’t always physically handle the food and snacks we used to love. On the other hand, some of us just aren’t good in the kitchen. Either way, Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet products make it easy to enjoy a delicious meal. All the vegetarian recipes that have been cherished since the 1960’s, are made from scratch using clean, simple ingredients. Everything fully cooked and shipped frozen to eliminate the preservatives. Think Homestyle Balls, Breakfast Patties and Paper and Cheese Sliders, all for an affordable price.

PRICE: $3.99 - $4.99

3. Campbell Caddie

Golfers no longer need to bend down for their clubs. The Camplbell Caddie is a premier golf club stand that keeps your grips dry, clean and never left behind. It can easily fit in your bag and has a corrosion chip, and scratch resistant finish. Feel good and enjoy your rounds of golf!

PRICE: $24.95

DISCOUNT CODE: BA10 for 10% off

4. Warm Tradition “Keep Warm & Carry On” Hot Water Bottle

Sooth aches & pains, stress relief, keeping hands and feet warm, diminishing arthritis pain, and more with the Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle. Just fill your bottle with hot water and achieve natural relief. All bottles are eco-friendly and designed to keep hot for about 6 hours. The easy grip cap makes it simple to open and close and also prevents leaks. Each hot water bottle holds 2 liters of volume and the cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

PRICE: $19.95


5. Celebration Stadium

You’ll never have to worry about fitting a ton of candles on a birthday cake again! Check out the Celebration Stadium candle holder that holds up to 100 candles. Its curved semi-circle design, which comes in two sizes, makes it easy to place behind any cake or even pie. Think of the "wow" factor for the next milestone you're celebrating. And imagine the smile your candle holder will put on all the faces around you. Get ready to create amazing memories that’ll last a lifetime.

PRICE: $49.95/S - $59.99/L

6. Birdie Juice Gift Set

Hit the golf course in style. The Birdie Juice Gift Set comes with an engraved divot tool and ball marker, as well as a personalized sweat proof tumbler.  Personalized gifts are always more meaningful so add initials on the divot tool and towel and a name on the tumbler. The tumbler is actually by favorite part! Your drinks will always stay cold or hot. This set is sure to be a hit with the golfers in your life.

PRICE: $69.99

DISCOUNT CODE: GroovyGift for 10% off

7. Historic Cartoons Bamboo Keepsake Box

This is for our history buffs. Remembering for Sunday cartoons. A cool and interesting way to learn about history is by using cartoons. The Historic Cartoons Bamboo Keepsake Box brings together over 200 years of history. From a humorous angle, the cartoons provide a unique perspective on events. Think of all the conversations that will start if it’s left on a coffee table. The whole room will be reminiscing for hours!

PRICE: $50


8. Solidea Active Massage Compression

With so many older people exercising these days along with others who live with chronic pain, it's no wonder they reach for products like Solidea. The garments Solidea offers help reduce fatigue and increase blood flow helping to assist in healing muscle tissue. They support and stimulate, and ease swelling quicker rather than hold and contain. Their Active Massage Compression line of products also help with your athletic performance so every age group will feel their benefits.

PRICE: #33 - $105

DISCOUNT CODE: Try15 for 15% off, 1 time use per customer

9. Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma and Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandpa

I love this as a gift and I love this for myself! The Tell Me Your Life Story series is a wonderful way to capture precious life memories and wisdom. Over 200 questions are provided to help record life stories and lessons using a simple guided journal. Then grandparents have a hand written book that can be passed down for future generations to come.

PRICE: $8.95 Paperback / $16.95 Hardcover

10. Spice Up, Live Long: A guide to using herbs and spices to live a longer, healthier and more vibrant life

Who doesn't like adding flavor to your food that could also help improve your health and aid in possibly living longer. Dust off those herbs and spices and learn how to put them to use with Spice Up, Live Long: A Guide To Using Herbs And Spices To Live A Longer, Healthier And More Vibrant Life. Even if you’re not an avid cook, this 80+ recipe book is easy to follow and will educate you on the world of herbs and spices, all while living a more vibrant life!

PRICE: $14.99

11. BackEZ

Don’t let your bad back hinder you from simple yard work or gardening. Especially when shoveling, your back will never thank you for that hunched over stance. Just attach the BackEZ to your traditional shovel for a better grip and handling to create more comfort and ease while reducing back straining. Best is, the BackEZ can be placed on any long handled stick tool. Enjoy your yard work and snow shoveling!

PRICE: $10.61

12. Familink

These days photos are always taken on cellphones and most of the time they never get printed. They either live on the cloud or on a flash drive. Familink is a modern digital photo frame that can showcase up to 10,000 photos. Imagine that! Anyone can easily send photos, add captions and text messages via mobile app, website, email, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You don’t even need wifi to add the pictures, making it super easy for anyone to use. Your pictures will finally be seen by friends and family, that come over to visit.

PRICE: $169.90

13. Stuff Every Grandmother/Grandfather Should Know

Here are two pocket-sized guides to becoming the coolest grandparents around! Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know covers everything you need to know to guide and spoil your grandchild. Basically, you learn how to become someone they can turn to for help with all their baby needs. Stuff Every Grandfather Should Know has all the trivia, how to tell a tall tale, how to pick a grandfather nickname, and when to take the initiative or step back that your grandfathers will love.

Price: $9.95

14. Ageless Intensity

Getting older is inevitable, be we can control the aging process through exercise. Ageless Intensity: High-Intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process helps those over 40 reduce the effect of time on our bodies. This book offers a fresh perspective from fitness expert Pete McCall on how high-intensity exercise can slow down the aging process. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your favorite activities for the rest of your life.

PRICE: $22.99

DISCOUNT CODE: A873 for 30% off purchases of the book and ebook on the website through the end of the year.

Offer valid to individuals in the US. Not valid for institutions or resellers, or for more than 3 copies of any product. May not be applied to previous purchases or used in combination with any other offer. Exclusions apply. Discount does not apply to taxes. Expires December 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM CST

15. Rock and Roll Candle Co

Rock & Roll Candle Co has just connected you to your favorite rock song. This line of candles, with names like Brown Sugar, Tennessee Whiskey, and Strawberry Fields Forever definitely have scents that bring rock & roll songs to life. With this collection of 9 different scented candles, you can just light the titled candle and play the song too. What better way to relax, be inspired, dance and smile.

PRICE: $20

16. tooktake Dosage Remminder Labels

Sometime we forget to take our vitamins and medicine, it just happens. To prevent that, start adding tooktake Dosage Reminder Labels to your bottles. Yup, no more pillboxes and worries. This way your medication, vitamins or supplements are able to stay in its original bottle with all the instructions and warnings. Whether you're looking for an hourly, daily or monthly reminder, toothtake has got you covered. Just pull off the tab closest to the time you are taking or giving the medication. It is easy to tell if it is time to do so then continue in even intervals the rest of the day.

PRICE: $4.99 for a package of 4 labels


Disclosure: We received one or more products in exchange for our honest opinions. We only recommend products that we would use personally or believe would be a good fit with our readers and other consumers. All opinions are 100 percent our own and may differ from yours. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255: Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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