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KleenWraps: The Antimicrobial Wraps Perfect For Shopping

We are back with another product to help stop the spread of germs! I honestly love being introduced to so many sustainable products that helps protect you from germs during your everyday activities.

Once we heard about KleanWraps, I knew I had to show you.

I was one of those who was wearing plastic gloves to the supermarket every time I went there. When I’d get to the register, they came off so I could pay for my purchase and would put another pair on. Yep …I was one of those! I can't tell you how many gloves I've used in the past year and a half. Too much money was spent on them and they’ve created so much garbage.

Here’s when KleanWraps comes into place. Whether you are doing errands, going to the gym or even commuting on the subway, we are starting to think twice before gripping surfaces. These waterproof, neoprene and medical-grade antimicrobial technology wraps keep you safer from germs while providing the barrier between you and whatever you're touching,

How I Use KleenWraps

There are so many ways to use KleenWraps I don’t even know where to begin.

The first day I took KleenWraps out with me was when I went to the supermarket. I walked over to the cart and pulled my KleenWraps out and placed them on the handle and away I went.

It felt really good when i got to the register because everything i touched was on the KleenWrap. After loading my groceries, I removed them from the cart and stuck them in a plastic zip lock to contain all the bacteria.I actually feel pretty cool when people walk by me and look at my shopping cart. You can see the wraps from afar and people look inquisitively. I love the feel and the grip with the raised letters is great. They feel secure and I’m not worried about my hand slipping on anything.

When I got home, I washed them in my sink, let them dry, and reused them again. It was such a quick and easy process. The best part is that they are machine washable!

Since they are so versatile, with plenty of sizes, KleenWraps are perfect to use on subway poles or even while using gym equipment. That’s actually what they were initially invented for.

Buy Your KleenWraps

No matter what you may need protection from, KleenWraps offers plenty of sizes and bundle options.

The Fitness Set is perfect for the workout fan with a pair of Narrow Wraps and Handlebar Tubes.

The Lifestyle Set is perfect for everyday errands and activities with a pair of Narrow Wraps and a pair of Wide Wraps.

The Ultimate Set has you covered for everything with a pair of Narrow Wraps, Wide Wraps and Handlebar Tubes.

With more people going "hmmm" when they have to touch a surface, why not carry a set of these KleenWraps with you and have a sense of ease and comfort before gripping that rail, shopping cart, pole or door handle. This product is adaptable for different uses, reduces waste, and is sustainable.

KleenWraps were featured on our podcast.

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