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Kids: Something They Want, Something They Need & Something To Read.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

We want to share a few cool products we think would make great gifts for your kiddos. Some they would really want, others they absolutely need and then a few we know they would like to read. This selection has something for every kid. Then again, we're sure you'll enjoy them too!

IsabelleGrace Color Pop Letter Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is a perfect way for kids to show off their style. IsabelleGrace has changed the game with these Color Pop Letter Bead Bracelets. They are fun, bold, bright, and can match anyone's personality. Personalize them with your name, you and your BFFs initials, or just a phrase that makes you smile. The Color Pop Letter Bead Bracelets are perfect for stacking and are great for all ages.

PRICE: $34

DISCOUNT CODE: SAVE25 for 25% off

Mabel's Labels

Keep your kids' items from getting lost or mixed up with Mabel's Labels. These labels are a great way to keep your kids' items organized within your household or at school. Think about how this helps spread fewer germs. With Fall approaching and the sun setting earlier, it's a great idea to incorporate the reflective safety stickers to their bikes, helmets, backpacks, and other gear. This helps make your kids visible to drivers on the road. They are laundry, dishwasher, and microwave safe, and waterproof.

PRICE: $21


Getting something in the mail is so exciting and kids can receive a personalized educational letter every week in their mailbox with MailPop. You can find an activity sheet on the back of every letter to keep the kids occupied and having fun! They also include a paper-craft 3D toy along with additional surprises to complement each week's theme. Once kids are done reading, they will be able to enjoy playing with the toy. Mailpop even teamed up with Encyclopedia Britannica Kids to share the best and most accurate information.

PRICE: $18 /month for the annual plan

"Navigating Friendships" Book Series

For many kids/tweens, their social anxiety has increased recently and the "Navigating Friendships" book series is here to help prepare them to see their friends on a daily basis again. These three books tackle bullying, peer pressure, jealousy, and rejection. It's time for children to tackle every day with confidence. The "Navigating Friendships" book series is geared towards 9-13 year-olds and is even perfect for counselors and teachers.

PRICE: $12.95 / book

I Have a Right Poster

Add this colorful poster to the playroom or classroom to teach children not to bully. The I Have a Right Poster highlights the five rules to stop bullying, Feel Safe, Be Respected, Have Friends, Be Accepted, and Not Be Teased. It's 18" wide and 24" long, making it an ideal size for above a desk or bedroom dresser.


Trigmate - Interactively Master Complex Math

Math and Engineering can be fun to learn with the Trigmate. This one-of-a-kind hands-on 3-1 STEM device brings math and engineering to life during everyday activities. It even comes with a learning guide, a downloadable handbook for self-paced challenges, a pendulum and string, and a math catapult kit. The Trigmate is for ages 9-16.

PRICE: $45.99

Viteye Blue Light Glasses

It's very hard to escape screens these days. Phones, tablets, TV's computers... they are always present. Whether your child is using one of these devices for school or entertainment, make sure they are wearing Viteyes Blue Light Glasses. They are a great first line of defense to protect eyes from all the harmful blue light that kids are exposed to. While you're at it, grab a pair for yourself too!

PRICE: $19.99

We Craft Box

As you can tell we love hands-on activities. The We Craft Box is a monthly craft kit of a themed story with four or more coordinating crafts. The kit includes easy-to-follow photo directions and all materials needed to keep your little ones busy. There are even enough crafts inside for two children to share. Each month, give your kids the gift of exciting creative adventures!

PRICE: $29.99 / monthly plan


Disclosure: We received one or more products for the exchange of our honest opinions. We only recommend products that we would use personally or believe would be a good fit with our readers and other consumers. All opinions are 100 percent our own and may differ from yours. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255: Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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