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Healthy Pet Products To Try In 2021!

When shopping for your pet family members, it’s always easy to find food, collars and leashes. But have you ever had to shop for a pet ramp to help your elderly dog reach your porch or deck. Or a rain jacket to keep your pet dry and even more…find the right nutritional treats and daily supplements for better mobility and health. I personally have. I have had two family dogs, both malamutes, cross the rainbow bridge due to hip dysplasia and major joint pain that shortened their lives, even with doctor’s continuous help and care. My 2 year old Hovawart, Donatello, is not as big as his predecessors, but he does have his share of Marmaduke moments that end with his limping around for 1 day after.

So, when the Brand Ambassador Select’s team met Dana Humphrey, Aka The Pet Lady, who travels coast to coast to find the newest, healthiest and unique products for pets, we were very excited. She is always introducing and educating pet owners with tips, tricks and how certain healthy products are a must for our pets. She introduced us to a few pet products with some containing CBD so we had two of our pet ambassadors try them out themselves.

Below are the products we received, and our pet ambassadors tried. The only one we didn’t have our pets sample was the beautifully smelling pet candle. That one is for one of their human mommies.

It was Juvee and Donatello who came together and sampled Suzies’s CBD product line. With so many benefits shared and stories told about CBD infused pet products Suzie’s CBD peanut butter was one we wanted to learn more about. Juvee, who loves to run around daily kept trying to lick more peanut butter from her mom’s spoon. The peanut butter is made from organic unsalted peanut butter and organic full spectrum CBD. Both flavor and ingredients get paws up from her. As for Donatello, who is chill to begin with, he just loved the flavor of the peanut butter. They both really liked Suzie’s CBD Hearts – Pumpkin flavor with ingredients including organic oat flour, organic pumpkin, organic molasses, organic oat bran, organic coconut oil, organic full spectrum CBD, organic cinnamon. They can’t wait to try the other flavors.

Donatello tried the BowWow Labs’ Waggy Wafers alone and if he could speak, “yummy” would have been his response. Bow Wow Labs’ all natural treats are recommended as heathier treat options for our pets. Salmon for skin and coat and turkey pumpkin for sensitive stomachs are just two of the three flavors available. Donatello checked out the Bully Buddy with the bully stick and quickly learned how it works. But, having experienced seeing my grand doggie choke on the tail end of his bone across the roof of his mouth was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had so, will be gifting him the Bully Buddy and Bully Sticks.

Another line we were sent to sample was InClover Research's three products - Connectin Hip & Joint, Bio Brilliant Dental Health Powder and Optagest Digestive Aid. Donatello has been using the Dental Health Powder for a week as part of his daily health routine. We look forward to having our pet ambassadors begin using Digestive Aid and Hip & Joint soon.

The Pet House Candle was from One Fur All Pets. It was made from natural soy wax with a Bamboo Watermint scent and is presented in a very attractive jar. When I removed the lid from the candle jar, I was met with a very fresh fragrance. After learning more about the other ingredients: bamboo with a combination of water flowers, lemon, lime and peppermint, I knew this would be a nice fragrance pet loving homes would embrace.

With helping our family pets live healthier lifestyles it is ever so important to start at a very young age. With the right products and treats they can grow old happier and healthier, so they’ll be able to share more memorable moments with you and your family. If you’re looking to introduce CBD products and healthier based products and treats to your family pets, I suggest trying some of the ones mentioned here. As we strive to improve our quality of life, why not include our pet family members too. Don’t you think they deserve it?

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