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AGELESS GLOBAL – EZ Safer Surface Cleaner

Being introduced to Ageless Global Products has been a great find. The EZ Safer Surface Cleaner has now replaced many of my household cleaning products. Knowing it has been tested on the COVID-19 virus, I feel confident my house and food surfaces can be cleaned without harsh chemicals or the chemical smell. Once you spray the product you are met with a reassuring clean scent.

EZ Safer Surface Cleaner (“EZ”) comes in a white spray container with an easy spray handle. It is all-natural, EPA registered and clinically tested supercharged oxygenated water that is able to eliminate resistant pathogens. It is known for being more powerful than ozonated water. EZ is 100% U.S. made with all-natural, organic, allergen-free and non-toxic ingredients.

Knowing the Oxygenated Water that can destroy the COVID-19 Pathogen is 100% organic, non-toxic and FDA approved, I am confident to use it on kitchen countertops AND to clean fruits and vegetables.

I am also more confident traveling going to restaurants. The travel size bottle allows me to put it in my purse and spray table and chair surfaces. I take it with me wherever I go and have never worried that after spraying it, people around me would stop and stare because of the harsh chemical smell or fumes. The smell is light, fresh and clean.

I also use it on my leather sofa, Typically, my dog would sneeze when using cleaning products which always left me concerned. When using EZ she had no reaction. Knowing EZ is pet friendly made both me and her very happy.

This reassures me of the time and detail that went into making this product line so others could feel a little bit safer every day.

There is no doubt that I have become a consumer fan. Ageless Global’s EZ Safer Surface Cleaner will be the only surface cleaner in my pantry. I confidently recommend it.

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