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9 Useful Back To College Items

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

It's that time of year again! Summer is sadly coming to an end and the fall semester is approaching. Now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about what you're going to take back to the dorms or apartment. After living on campus for four years, I now look back wishing I made my room/apartment more of a home away from home. Also, I wish I had a little more help with learning how to create a positive school-life balance. To help you or maybe your adult kids out, I've put together a bunch of unique and useful items that will make you and your friends never wanna leave your room, help get homework done and ultimately make memories.

1. Class Tracker (College Edition)

It’s time to have more success. The Class Tracker is one detailed organizer/ agenda that’s the perfect tool for staying on track. It was specifically designed to help you stay on top of assignments, learn how to prioritize, make deadlines and take control of your schedule. This isn’t like your regular old planner. It can help the procrastinators and even the extremely organized. This incredible agenda was created by Best Selling Author and Academic Coach, Lesley Martin. The College Edition of The Class Tracker is available in Black, Light Blue, Pink with Navy, and Mint with Pumpkin. They even have a non-date tracker available.

Price: $24.99

2. OCM Value Bedding Paks

I’ve learned there are a few things in life you don’t skimp out on and bedding and towels are two of them. Sleep is obviously very important and a good night's sleep can go a long way. OCM is here to help with their Value Bedding Paks that include bath sets. It’s the perfect one-stop shop to get everything to be move-in ready. These Paks have everything from sheets to comforters, to throws, mattress pads, and toppers to cotton towels and so much more. There are 20 different color and sizing options to fit your style. OCM really does thinking about everything since they even offer a Shower Pak, Kitchen Essentials Pak, Underbed Storage, Carpets & more.

Price: $30 - $619

Discount Code: CAMPUS2021

3. The 2020 Game

This is definitely the game of the year! The 2020 Game is perfect for a night in with the roomies, so make sure to grab the snacks and drinks. It’s kind of a cross between Cards Against Humanity and UNO. This fun card game has all the new terms and memorable events the year gave us. It’s like a time capsule of the year game that can be played with four to 10 friends.

Price: $24.99

4. Back Buddy

Do you have knots or pulled muscles from working out or everyday activities? Do you spend long hours in a chair or even long hours sitting in bed on a laptop? Let's be honest, who doesn't experience this. Computer and text neck is a real thing. So, the BackBuddy is going to be your new best friend for quick pain relief. No more trying to rub those knots out on your own. Each BackBuddy has 2 comfort balls that can be adjusted to helps target your trigger points in your back, neck, legs, and even feet. It’s small and portable which makes it perfect for travel and classroom. use.

Price: $19.99

Discount Code: CGC10

5. Atlas Backpack Stand by Addio Design

After a long day at class or even work, you walk back into the door and just want to kick back. Sometimes the backpack gets thrown on the side of the bed while others are perfectly placed in their spot. No matter what your preference is, Addio Design has created a designated home for your backpacks with the Atlas Backpack Stand. This stand is versatile and can hold any of your bags. It comes in a variety of colors and some are made from recycled plastic. Wish I had this in college because it would have saved so much time in looking for my bag or even help cleared up space to actually sit in my chair at my desk.

Price: $109

Discount Code - 15% off: ELEVATE15

6. Classic Parliament Wallet by Ekster

This is the coolest wallet I've ever seen. While on campus, students always need to carry their license, school ID and a debit/credit card (you never know when you're friend may scoop you after class to hit the mall or grab some food off campus.) That's where the Parliament Wallet from Ekster comes in. The Parliament Wallet is made from premium leather and its slim design and quick card access make it perfect to fit in any clutch or pocket. With the click of a button, the wallet fans out all your cards, up to 12 to be exact. The Parliament Wallet comes in seven different colors and also has the option to add a tracking card to it. We all know after a few drinks (or maybe even none), important things can get easily forgotten, lost, or stolen.

Price: $89.00

7. JINS - Blue Light Lenses

Staring at a computer screen for many hours a day has become the new norm. Textbooks, homework, tests, shows/movies, social media, zoom... do I need to continue... are all viewed via a phone or a computer screen. Over time, your eyes tend to get watery, you may experience headaches and ultimately you're straining your eyes which could cause damage to your retina. JINS Blue Light Lenses are possible the best on the market and block between 24% to 60% of the blue light from the screen. Whether you already wear glasses and want to add the blue light lense to your existing prescription or just want non-prescription glasses with blue light lenses, JINS has you covered. They have a variety of frames and colors that fit everyone's budget. You can even virtually try them on!

Price: $120

8. OG Special Edition | Gretchen Leggitt Art | 32 oz

Water is very important and sometimes when walking around campus, there are not many places to fill your water bottle up with clean filtered water. Epic Water Filters has fixed that problem by creating a water bottle that includes a built-in filter that eliminates up to 99.99% of the harmful contaminants! That means you can fill your water bottle up with tap water and not have to worry. Their Epic Nalgene 32oz Special Edition Gretchen Leggitt Art bottle is perfect to carry around from class to class or even to the gym. It produces up to 75 gallons of clean water and is named an Amazon Choice Award winner.

Price: $39.95

9. Sleepenvie Noa Topper

The mattresses that colleges and universities provide students are definitely not the best quality. They are typically thin, hard, and not comfortable. So, adding a mattress topper would make a huge difference on the bed. The Noa Mattress Topper from Sleepenvie is a perfect 3” memory foam topper that brings a fresh scent to the bed. Yes, it neutralizes odors. That’s the best part! Noa has green tea-infused memory foam that ultimately helps you to relax and provide cleaner sleep.

Price: $89 - $149

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