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9 Snacks You'll Keep Buying

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I really hope you ate before reading this blog post! Snack time happens at all times of the day and sometimes you want to switch it up and have something new. So, I did the tasting for you and found 9 delicious and healthy snack options.

1. Back-To-School Super Healthy Snacks

No matter if you're on a diet change, on a quest for better nutrition, or just looking for something different to snack on, Alovitox is here for you. Their Back-To-School Super Healthy Snacks, which I think is great for those going back to work as well, come with a pack of Organic Golden Berries and Goji Berries. Each are 16oz, a great size to keep at your desk so whenever you have a craving, something healthy and yummy are within reach. They also help boost your immune system!

PRICE: $37.90

2. Mix & Match: 6 Askanya Chocolate Bars

Now’s the time to indulge in sweet chocolate from Haiti. Askanya Chocolates is Haiti’s first and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company.  This gourmet handcrafted set of delicious and ethical chocolates are exclusively made by women. With the mix and match set, you can pick from Milk, Dark, Extra Dark, Lime, and Orange Chocolate. You can also purchase individual regular bars (2oz), bite-size bars, baking blocks, and a variety of seasonal gift sets. Enjoy the rich taste with every bite!

PRICE: $8.50/bar | $50.50/pack of 6

DISCOUNT CODE: BAS10/10% off order

3. Chum Fruit Bites

Chum Fruit Bites have been a Brand Ambassador Select favorite for years! They are a healthier alternative to fruit snacks for both kids and adults. Each bag contains one cup of 100% fruit with no added sugars. Peach and Strawberry are my favorites, but Chum Fruit Bites also come in Apple, Mango and Berry flavors. And, Chum Fruit Bites gives back 15% of profit to WildAid.

PRICE: $11.90/Pack of 12

4. Johnsons Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite treats! After trying Johnson’s Popcorn, I knew I had to share with you (virtually that is lol). They have so many flavors to choose from, it may be hard to pick just one! However, you can never go wrong with the Classic Caramel Corn buckets. It’s perfect for a housewarming gift or even to bring into the office. If you’re like me, it’s GREAT all to yourself. All products are gluten-free and you can choose from Caramel Corn, Salt-n-Sandy, Cheddar (another favorite of mine), Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Drizzle, Platinum, Butter and Tri-Flavor.

PRICE: $33.95

5. Honey Apple Salsa

Excite your tastebuds with Honey Apple Salsa from Kyvan Foods. I would have never thought about adding honey to salsa, so I now thank Kyvan foods for making this delicious dip. It’s slowly simmered with apples and fresh vegetables, and it has a refreshing southern taste, unlike typical salsas. Trust me, this 2 pack won’t stay in your kitchen for very long!

PRICE: $19.99 / 2 pack

DISCOUNT CODE: Sign up for their newsletter and receive a code for 10% off plus free shipping

6. SnackMagic

Design a personalized snack box from SnackMagic. There are over 800 snack and beverages to choose from which means even the pickiest eaters will find something they want. What's unique about SnackMagic, is that it allows recipients to build their own snack box and the gift giver doesn’t have to worry about choosing. All you have to do is set a budget then send your friend/family member an email. SnackMagic also offers pre-curated snack boxes which are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. They even have cocktail, brunch, salad,

sandwich and charcuterie kits. SnackMagic brings people together with their food! 

PRICE: $35 minimum to check out

7. TidBits Fun Bites

It’s time for some dessert! TidBits Fun Bites are a meringue bite/cookie that are less than two calories. Yes, less than two calories! It’s literally the best snack for everyone. I guarantee if you put these out after dinner, the entire bag will be empty. There are nine flavors to choose from; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies n Cream, Cappuccino and Mint Chocolate, Caramel, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy. Every flavor is available in their three lines; Regular, Keto and Diabetic. They are even sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. It may sound too good to be true, but Tidbits Fun Bites are delicious!

PRICE: $4.99 Regular Line

$6.45 Keto & Diabetic Lines

8. Vegky

For those who are vegan, I found the BEST vegan jerky, Vegky. It's a delicious plant-based meat alternative made with Shiitake mushroom that doesn’t compromise the taste or quality. When you rip it apart, you can even see the texture. They have 5 flavors; Original, Spicy, Curry, Pepper and Wasabi. I don't handle spice very well, but the Spicy turned out to be my favorite. This is a must try for everyone!

PRICE: $9.99 / bag

9. Herr’s Baked Original

When you need a chip to grab, make it Herr's Baked Original. They are baked to perfection and contain less fat than a regular potato chip. Theses chips are gluten free, great for dipping and will instantly become a favorite in your house.

In my house they have become our staple chip!

PRICE: $1.99 / 2 oz

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