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About Us


             We're Always Awed By Each Unique Product And The Power Of The Founder

With extensive experience in sales, marketing, TV/Radio/Podcast Media, influencing, fundraising, and as ambassadors, our team brings a combined expertise of passion and determination together, to spur partnerships, boost engagement, grow visibility and drive sales. Our one-on-one approach helps us stand out and build partnerships globally. 

Find the best gifts for anyone, healthy snacks, products to pamper yourself, men's must-haves, wine lovers gifts, pet products, back to school essentials, fitness equipment, books to read, and more!

Connecting You With The Newest and
Coolest Products

We started our boutique company in 2019, as brand ambassadors representing healthy snacks and health companies at corporate events. After learning more about these unique emerging products, our trio set out to introduce them to consumers through our own live events: corporate, community, mall and lobby.


Shortly after, when March 2020 came around and things across the globe changed, we quickly began producing the Brand Ambassador Select Podcast, a media outlet offering entrepreneurs and products another way to reach and engage with customers everywhere. Our podcast became the segue to creating Select Podcast Guests, an online directory connecting podcasters and guests. 

Then in 2021, after being introduced to new products and meeting their wonderful founders, we began publishing our gift and product guides. And because we’re not just ambassadors, we’re real people giving honest product insight,  product reviews and unboxings followed. Shortly after that moment, another new path unexpectedly sprouted, and our Employee Wellness Appreciation Box program began.

We started 2022 with the introduction of our Select Product Spotlight, a shopping directory, introducing cool products to customers, driving traffic and sales to the very core of our society…small business. We look forward, with smiles and enthusiasm, to what the future holds!

       We Were All Ambassadors First ... Our Story!

Brand Ambassador Select | Bound Brook NJ

@2021 Brand Ambassador Select

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Select Product Spotlight

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Springtime Must-Have Products For Everyone In Your Family

What a great event you brought to our community.Can't wait to have you back.

Adult Community, Boyton Beach,FL 

Thanks for the event. I had a lot of inquiries on that day. Looking forward to our next event.

ADI Realty Management

The event was great! We actually had people who attended the event come to our office the same day!


You all really rock.The quality of vendors you brought in were tops and your staff was truly poised and professional

Bill , Live Events Manager

This review from the team at Brand Ambassador Select was a very pleasant surprise! Thanks for taking the time to test-drive our cocktail recipe cards. It's always great to see people enjoying our products.Thanks to the Brand Ambassador Select team for the opportunity - we had a great time!


Big Thank You to Lenore Luca and the Brand Ambassador Select for taking the time to talk about how all this started.

Art of Words

Jennifer and I want to thank you and your team for your help in making Soothie a National Brand. Look forward to building this together.

Claudia, Soothie Cushion

I loved the interviews you conducted with some of my clients, you added wit and charm to the process. Thank you for enriching the experience for the guests as well as the viewers. 

Annemarie, Publicist 

Thank you again for having me on! Thank you so very much you  guys are both Lovely!

Christina Flach, Preety 

On Behalf of our group, please accept our deepest gratitude for supporting our Back-to-School Bash.

Non Profit Organization

I had someone call me about a week after the event and he said "I saw your booth at the event and my wife and I are going to organize our next cruise with you"

Cruise Line Florida

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