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With our combined years of experience in the corporate and retail industries along with expertise in TV and radio our team has influenced thousands of consumers with their purchasing decisions and leading healthier lifestyles. We are located in New Jersey and have staff in New York, Florida and California, so we are able to cover a wide range of target markets. We provide unparalleled service  when it comes to your brand, your clients, your podcast and your community.  The “One on One” approach is what makes us stand out and continues to be the biggest impact for your success.

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Our boutique - level franchise is born out of 20 years of combined experience influencing market trends and countless market types across the U.S.A. We consistently set out to do what we do best…assist clients and guests to leverage their reach. Through our different avenues we never stop building connections while showcasing Impressive movers and makers across the globe. When you need a fresh approach to your branding strategy, reach out and let our influencers work their magic!

  • We coordinate lifestyle events for corporate America and communities including generation active adults.

  • Our team provides excellence in brand representation on the corporate and retail levels.

  • We produce and host a business podcast and help produce podcasts for clients who want that extra edge.

  • We created and oversee Select Podcast Guests, an interactive hub that builds relationships between podcasters, brands and guests. It a is a platform for visibility, resources networking and collaborations… all leading to success!

  • Our blog offers articles, tips and strategies for podcasters, brands and expert guests.

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