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Some of our favorite events to coordinate are the ones created for community groups. With two unique Pop-Up spheres we offer your group the opportunity to get up close and personal with brands and services in a truly immersive setting. Let’s talk wellness, active adults, kids of all ages, and exclusive shopping.

Let us know what your vision is for your community and watch us bring it to life…always!


Welcome to Ultimate Shopping~ The Lobby. A pop-up sphere of everything from fashion and beauty, to tech and lifestyle and of course food and beverages – located in your lobby. With retail shifting and focusing on the almighty online transaction, Brand Ambassador Select pivots to bring an unparalleled experience…to corporate America. 

  • Tenants and guests get a peak at the next big brands

  • Showcase of a range of products and services right in your lobby

  • It’s a world class shopping experience

  • Socializing, Smiling …all in one lobby…Yours!


Event Staffing

Brand Ambassador Select will:

  • Highlight your products through social media, education, onsite promotion and product sales.

  • Provide the proper staff to fit your product.

  • Represent your products through community, corporate and private events, as well as in-store product sampling.

Promoting your products and services can be exhausting and finding staff to assist you is a job of its own. Brand Ambassador Select provides avenues for your products to be recognized. Whether you wish to promote in targeted cities or cover broad areas, our staff are available throughout the country. Our staff have been vetted and will be trained on your products to portray your style of promotions.


Two unique events that introduce your employees to the newest brands and awesome services that are fresh, fun and cutting edge. Bring the open box of possibilities to your staff and employees. We tailor to the needs of your employees demographics.

  • Educate, empower & compliment office staff

  • Living a healthier lifestyle... beginning at your office.

  • Shopping therapy conveniently located in your office.


A Generation Active Adult event is a One Day - Two Hour pop-up experience with topics relating to living a healthier lifestyle. All that you needed to provide are tables, chairs, access to electricity, and Wi-Fi. We do the rest. It’s never...the same boring event.

  • Learn about the latest food products, beverages, home, garden, pet, fashion and tech brands or services that are near you

  • Enjoy demonstrations, and even experience new health, wellness or stress relief related services

  • Products available for purchase

  • Healthful living and education lessons

  • Meet the people behind unique products and enjoy sampling experiences

  • Help your community learn to shop local and improve their quality of life