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Xpand Laces Are the No Tie Laces Everyone Everywhere Needs

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Imagine never having to tie your shoelaces or worry about your shoelaces untying again. YES! An absolute reality with Xpand Laces.

The expandable laces will easily replace tie laces on ANY shoe. YES, any shoe, boot, sneaker, athletic shoe or just about any other shoe you would use laces. These are must haves for anyone; kids, adults, weekend walkers and seniors who use traditional laces. Imagine not having to worry about bending over to tie or double knot your laces. For seniors, who many have arthritis, it gives them the comfort of independent dressing. Better yet, wearing that stylish shoe and having your laces look so neat is a fashion statement!

The package of Xpand laces, contains 2 laces, 4 clips and 4 anchors. There are 3 step-instructions placed on the back of the package and the link to watch a video to help you. The laces are 52 inches long and stretch out to over twice their length. Finding the perfect fit for me was easy. I laced my shoe while it was on my foot, I added the lace anchors which are placed inside the shoe (or you can use the end clips for outside the shoe). Once I added the anchors, I left half an inch of the lace and cut off the ends. Voila! I will NEVER have to tie my shoes again! I LOVE Xpand laces, I just ordered enough pairs to replace the traditional laces for my family.

The laces are offered in 2 types of lacing systems:

Original No Tie – turns any shoe into a slip on.

Quick Release – Allows you to lock and unlock tension in seconds.

Colors – multiple color options allow you to make any shoe look new.

One pair priced at $9.99 each pair, 3 pairs for $25, 6 pairs for $35 or 8 for $45 makes Xpand laces an easy purchase.

This leaves us with the question as to why anyone would want to keep tying their shoelaces again. Wouldn’t you like the convenience of slipping on a nice pair of shoes and going out in style?

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